Sunday, 3 February 2019

1000+ Diapers

In the first few weeks of a newborn's life, everything needs to be tracked: weight is monitored every few days, feeds need to be timed (and if supplemented, measured), and you have to count up all of the wet and dirty diapers you go through. I bought the "Awesome Baby Tracker" app to help me sort all of this information, and after the first few weeks of detailed record keeping had passed, the habit stuck. I've found it helpful to know how much my Little is eating, when we last gave him a bath, if he's taken medicine, etc -- and because of all that, I happen to know that over this weekend we hit one thousand diapers.

My guess is that I've changed about half of those personally, but I'm happy to credit the whole team with this rather odd achievement. We have ohhh so many more to change before this wee crapper is grown, but it's a milestone.

So what has 1000+ diapers taught me?

First, I'm glad we went the disposable route. I know that people have strong opinions on both sides of this debate, but as for me and my house, we will use the garbage. And occasionally, we will use those extra garbage bag tags that the city mails out every year, and it will be fine.

Second, I am grateful for other people's Costco memberships. I don't want to get my own, and I don't feel bad about piggybacking on family and friends. If you don't piggyback sometimes, we all get tired feet, right...? (Same goes for Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions. Yes, I'm one of those people. Please don't report me.)

And third, indoor plumbing is THE BEST THING. It has been snot-freezing cold outside this week, and if I had to run to an outhouse or pee in a chamberpot all the time, life would be pretty miserable. I can't wait until we can teach this kid to poop in the toilet. (How early can you start that, anyway? Is six months old considered too soon?)

All that to come. For tonight, I've got one more diaper to change, and one more feed to match. Sundays are always a bit of a rough go (our church is a balm for the soul and a curse upon the schedule), but right now my boy is sleeping soundly and looking pretty close to angelic... but he doesn't smell all that heavenly, and I know that if I don't feed him now, I'll hear about it around 3am.

Time to be Mom. 

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