Thursday, 12 March 2020


Time to count my blessings.

Even when I'm faithfully taking my meds, there are tough days. When Liam skips a nap, when I'm up to my knees in dirty laundry, when the sky has just been grey for too many days in a row, when the news is frantic and awful, my melancholic spirit is tempted to wallow. It takes practice and discipline to refocus my heart.

I have an energetic, growing, objectively cooperative little boy who loves me and needs my care. That is a blessing.

I have laundry machines in my house, in my nice warm kitchen even, and money to run them whenever we need them to run. That is a blessing.

Spring is coming. There is almost always visible grass in this city, and our mild winter has meant clear (and therefore safe) sidewalks and road for nearly the whole season. That is a blessing.

The world is moving forward with protective and cautionary measures that will save lives. We are trying to care for each other. That is a blessing.

We have a car that carries Ben to work and back safely every day.

We can take hot showers when we need them.

I have food in the fridge, and freezer, and cupboards.

It only took a dollar's worth of crazy glue to fix my glasses.

Our extra-garbage tags didn't get stolen this year.

I found shoes for Liam at Value Village today, and they're in great condition.

I am blessed.

And sometimes it helps to make a list.

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